As soon as the festival season kicks off, I begin preparations for several festivals I´m planning to attend. Since this has been a ritual for the past ten years, I’ve become a real camping pro. The only thing always giving me a headache is how to cool the beer without a fridge. There is nothing worse than warm beer, so I tried several methods and will now share my experiences with you.

You Learn from Your Mistakes

Last year, I tried a hack that I read about on Facebook: bury the beer. “The ground will keep it cool,” it said. Just dig a hole next to your tent, at least half a metre deep, and put the beer cans in it. Then cover everything with soil and grass, the beer will stay cool for days. So far, so good. We noticed the disadvantage of this method quite quickly: whoever wants another drink has to dig for the cold one – and refill the hole again. Let´s be honest: that´s rather difficult if you’ve had a few drinks. I’ve decided this isn’t a solution for me this year.

The Ultimate Hack to Make the Beer Stay Cool

The “cool box 2.0” actually combines the benefits of four cooling hacks. Just follow these steps to pimp any random cooler into a super freezer. It requires some preparation time at home, so plan ahead if you want to try this during festival season.

Step 1: Use frozen beer cans instead of ice packs in the cool box. Fill the box completely with beer cans. Split the cans in three groups.

Step 2: Freeze the first group entirely. Put the second batch in the chest freezer until it´s not fully frozen, but very cold. The last group just gets a chill in the fridge.

Step 3: Put all the cans back in the cooler, the frozen ones all the way down. Now you can head off to the festival! Unfortunately, the cooling preparation continues there after arriving…

Step 4: Put a wet towel on the cooling box and put it in the sun. Yes, this might sound a little bit weird, but that´s the part physics kicks in: When evaporating, the water in the towel creates a cooling effect, which extends the cooling time of the box. This way, you can enjoy a cold one even on day 3!

Tipp: If it´s really hot outside, you might try one more step by additionally laying out the ice box with dry ice.

Now sit back, relax and enjoy the last concert with a cold beer.

How do you keep your drinks cold when camping?

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