Courage counts! Especially in a gamer’s life. You might know that in the Fallout universe crown corks are the common currency. You pay with them for weapons and other stuff. But did you know that you can also pay with crown corks for the new Fallout 4? At least if you’re the first one having this bold idea. Gamer BatorMacheteJr, called Seth, got this crazy idea, which needs a little courage and a lot of crown corks. On Imgur he shared his modern gamer’s fairytale.

Fallout has been Seth’s favorite game for quite some time when he started to collect crown corks – just in case a follow-up would be released. And he proved right: When Bethesda Game announced Fallout 4 in June 2015, the game was released just five months later. By then he had collected over 2.000 crown corks (that makes 11 pounds!!!), which he sent to Bethesda Game Studios, Fallout’s developers. His thought: If crown corks are the legitimate currency within the game’s post-apocalyptical universe – why don’t pay with them for the game itself? So BatorMacheteJr packed more than 2.000 crown corks (again: THAT MAKES 11 POUNDS!!!111) and shipped them to the UK, directly to the office of Matt Grandstaff , community manager at Bethesda Softworks. And a miracle happened. To honor his creativity and courage, Bethesda Softworks accepted his payment and provided him the new Fallout 4. Wait, WHAT? Yep, you read right: Matt Grandstaff himself confirmed on Twitter that the deal has been sealed. FTW!

But all of you, who think they can get their game for free, too, we have to disappoint you. Seth’s extraordinary way of paying just worked because he was the first one. The rest of you will have to pay normally for their game – if you don’t have done so yet. We think that’s a pretty cool reaction of Bethesda Softworks, and a great way to honor the community of Fallout fans.

We have to admit: We wouldn’t have as much courage as Seth had to realize this bold idea. Would you? Or have you even made such a cool move by yourself? Tell us in the comments below!

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