Today’s Earth Day Earth what? Yes right, Earth Day! In case you have no clue about the occasion of this special day, no worries, I’m going to tell you everything about it. Although it sounds like the kind of days, like Mother’s Day (a day, which should be paid attention to every day), it’s really worth talking about it. Since 1990 the day takes place in more than 170 countries around the world. More than 1 billion people joined activities revolving Earth Day (ED) last year. Pretty impressive! So every country has the opportunity to create their own events around topics like renewable energies, recycling or sustainability. All in all they want to move people’s minds and show them how to change things, like engaging people to care more about recycling. You already got curious and want to know more about ED events? 

Here are our top 3 that take place on 22th April: 

1. March for Science

Within this march, a lot of speeches and trainings take place. As this year’s topic is the IT’s positive influence on global issues, it will contain discussions about the role science plays in general public service. For example in Washington D. C. t
he march starts at 10:00 am, so feel free to join – it’s free!    

2. Earth Day Festival

Celebrate Earth Day! No one refuses a good party. So why not drink one Earth Mojito or try a fresh Artemis Flower? Listen to Michael Jackson’s “Earth Song” and enjoy your time and our earth.  

3. Green Lights

Huge buildings e.g. the Empire State Building, are fascinatingly illuminated with green lights. These are supposed to catch people’s awareness and make them realise how important it is to pay attention to topics like recycling and pollution. Because big cities struggle the most with pollution, they really want to make a change.

earth day 1

So what about you, have you ever participated in Earth Day? If yes, when and where? Please let me know.

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