May I present to you the next highlight for your Canny Children’s Birthday Party: Ludo! Or “Do not get angry, man” as the Germans say. I remember well how I used to play this game with my parents and siblings all night long when I was younger. It was so much fun every time, especially when I could make my siblings angry by sending their pawns back to the start.

The best about it? Before your kids and you start playing they can easily create their individual game board with the help of corks and crown corks! That’s why it is also a great idea for all metal packaging lovers. Sounds exciting? Here is how it works:

What You Need:

  • 1 styrofoam sheet per game
  • spray cans in 4 different colours
  • 88 crown corks per game sheet (you can buy them on the internet or collect them by yourself)
  • 16 wine corks per game for the pawns
  • 1 felt pen
  • glue
  • a die

Of course, the number of corks and styrofoam sheets you need in total, depends on the number of children you invite to your party!

This is How You Do it:

  1. Dye 12 crown corks in 4 different colours for each of the 4 teams: 4 crown corks per team for the pawns, 4 crown corks per team for their home area and 4 crown corks per team for their out area or start field. Every team has its own colour!
  2. You can use these colours for the start fields too. Then you need one more crown cork in each of the 4 colours. Or mark the start field with an S for “start” with a felt pen.
  3. Use the coloured crown corks to glue them on the wine corks as a kind of hat: Here are your team players!
  4. Take the styrofoam sheet and push the crown corks in it to mark the out area of each team (in every corner of the sheet) and home area. If you’re not sure how to place them take a look at our sketch below!
  5. Do the same with the coloured corks for the home area.
  6. Use the felt pen to mark the direction (clockwise direction) the players have to go with an arrowà.
  7. Place the teams in their out & start area, roll a die and start playing!

The Rules:

I’m pretty sure everybody knows the rules because it’s a very common game. If not, here is some help! 😉

Creating your own game board is fun, right? Of course, you can choose your colours and add some decorations, just how you like it. So, how does your personal game board look like?

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