Autumn-time is candle-time! On a rainy Sunday, my girl and I often lie down on the big couch in our living room, read books (we have definitely too much of them) and drink some warming tea. To create the right mood we have lots of candles, tea lights and a scented candle, into which you can put your favorite aromatic oil and the whole room fills up with a hint of lavender or vanilla. To be honest, I really like the scent but our candle is one of these cheap looking china things (psst don’t tell my girlfriend I said that). So as I’m a big fan of industrial design and a passionate can lover, I wondered if there’s something I can build out of cans to get rid of this ugly china candle. 😉

Guess what? It was much easier than I thought. With a little trial and error, I found a super easy and fast way, to transform some soda cans into stylish scented candles! So here’s my DIY for you – perhaps you, too, call yourself the owner of such a terrible looking thing, you want to get away from. Or you don’t even have a scent candle holder, then this is definitely for you! 😀

What You Need for the Scented Candle:

  • Soda cans
  • Scissors
  • Tea light
  • Some aromatic oil
  • Water

What Do You have to Do:

So let’s start! I’ll show you a little step-by-step instruction.

  1. Take the empty can and cut a zig-zag pattern into it. Avoid too narrow parts, because then the candle becomes unstable.
  2. When the pattern is ready, turn the can around. Fill in some water with a drop or two of your favourite aromatic oil into the recessed end of the can.
  3. Finally put a tea light under the can and enjoy your new scented candle.

Do you know some cool DIY ideas with cans? Leave me a link or an instruction in the comments.

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