After a few months of living in my very own flat I’ve noticed a strange new habit of mine: I have started behaving like a crazy cat lady. But since I’m no cat person at all, I replaced the cats with plants. So basically I’m a crazy plant lady. What does that mean? Let me explain: Every time I’m near a flower shop or within a 20 kilometer radius of an IKEA I have to buy at least one new plant. Yeah I know, this is not the best or cheapest habit. But besides the financial impact there’s also a lack of space in my flat. Nearly all my shelves and tables are full of flower pots. Oops.

But instead of getting rid of my latest obsession I’ve got a new idea for where and how to place my plants: by using hanging pots. And because I love to do a little DIY from time to time I’m going to make them myself. And of course they are made out of empty cans because I CAN. (Got it? An oldie but a goldie.)

What do you need for this DIY

  • A plant searching for a new home
  • An empty can (either a large food can or a small paint can)
  • A flexible ruler or a tape measure
  • A power drill
  • Colour spray in a colour of your choice
  • 3 stable link chains from the hardware store
  • 3 screws, screw-nuts and washers
  • A hook for your ceiling
  • Let’s do this

    1. Firstly we drill three holes into the can which have exactly the same distance from each other. We will need the holes later to fix our chains.

    2. Now it’s time for some colour! You can use any colour that fits your room. My hanging pot’s going to be yellow like the summer sun. When we’re finished with the spray it’s time for an episode of our most favorite TV show (Castle), whilst the colour spray dries out completely.

    3. When the colour on the can is completely dry we take the screws, screw-nuts and washers, and screw them into the holes. Afterwards we use the screws to fix the chains to our can.

    4. Our work is almost done! Our penultimate task is to spin the hook into your ceiling.

    5. The very last step is also the most important one: Don’t forget to place your plant into its new pot. 😉

    Done? So am I!  I’d love to see some of your results. Just post them as a comment below or on our Facebook page. And as a true plantaholic I need to know: What’s your favorite plant or flower? Do you prefer the ones with blossoms or do you like cacti as much as I do? 

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