Hooray, summer is just around the corner! Regardless of the determined argumentation of winter people, I’ve been propagating summer as the best season of the year since I was five and my lips froze to a street light. The days get longer, the air becomes warmer and the flowers finally shine in their brightest colours. While violas and tulips are probably basic and thus part of most folk’s gardens or balconies, some people are much more of a hobby gardener than I am. They farm basil, tomatoes, strawberries or other plants, herbs, fruits and vegetables. If you belong to the people who are in danger of losing track of their seedlings, you might want to consider crafting some plant markers by using can lids. This doesn’t only look way cooler than cardboard labels, it also prevents you from confusing your lovely sprouts with each other.

Here’s What You Need

  • Can lids
  • Stamping set
  • Hammer
  • Edding/Marker
  • Baby wipe
  • Forks
  • Pliers

This Is How You Do It

Alrighty then! Most of the procedure is pretty self-explanatory, so don’t worry, you’ll get it done quickly!

  1. Find a stable and sturdy surface.
  2. Grab a letter stamp and use the hammer to punch it down on the can lid. It might take some time to bring this to perfection but once you’ve figured out how hard the stamps need to be hit, it becomes really easy.
  3. If you want to add a little more dimension to the stamped letters, you can colour them with a marker. Make sure the colour really gets into the grooves.
  4. Immediately after, wipe across the letters with a baby wipe. This will remove the colour of the marker except for the bit that reached deep into the grooves.
  5. Take the pliers and bend the two middle tines of a fork back and away from the outer tines.
  6. Depending on the angle of the fork, you might have to adjust it a little bit. This way, the plant marker will stand up nice and straight.

Finally, place the can lid between the tines of the fork. And there you go!

Have you already tried to make your own plant markers? And do you know some other cool DIY crafts with cans? Tell us in the comment section below!

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