Let me share one of my daydreams which I can’t get out of my head for a few days now, with you. Last week my friends and I created a really tasty drink at a party and had some fun imagining our own beverage business. Soon it became obvious that it’s not all about what’s in our drink, but also about the looks! No matter how delicious a drink is, there’s no chance selling it without a striking design. But let’s face the facts… We’re just hobby bartenders, not professional beverage producers, so we had no idea what might look good on a can – at least until we discovered the CanCreator!

Can cReator App Cans for Life

A Step by Step Can Design

Initially, the app helps you visualise their canny visions in 3D. But on that very night, we got so deep into the topic that it ended in a real design contest,  and that while we’re just amateurs without any design skills. Boy that escalated quickly! 😀 Everyone was sitting around with their respective device, eager to create the most stunning can label. Guess, who came up with the most eye-catching draft? It’s me! Et voilà, here are my favourite results:

I bet you’re hooked now, aren’t you? Let’s have a closer look at how the CanCreator works exactly. First, select the can model (25cl, 33cl, 44cl, 50cl or pint size), next press the “Can Finish“ button to upload your prepared design. Then, choose a colour for the ring pull and the top, which is by the way called the can end. Finally, you shouldn’t miss out on downloading the template. Quite easy, isn’t it? The best about CanCreator: you can see your designs in different sizes, apply diverse finishes (e. g. standard, matt, tactile), and choose from various angles to look at your can in all its glory! Exploring all these various possibilities, we realised how hard it must be for brand owners to decide upon a specific packaging design.

Dreaming of a Canny Business

Back to the roots: why did we decide to go for a beverage can for our imaginary business? Well, apart from offering super cool features such as the application of thermochromic inks, cans are infinitely recyclable AND extremely practical thanks to their low weight and unbreakability.

Now, after writing down my experiences with CanCreator, I’m itching to make this dream a reality. You probably can’t wait to explore its functionalities on your own either, right? Share your designs with us on our Facebook page

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