Where I’m from, canned food is often associated with ready-made meals, cheap ingredients for people who are too lazy or unable to cook with fresh produces. Too long have I lived under this impression.

The one thing that changed my mind in that regard were canned, peeled tomatoes. The fact that they ripened while inside the can, made me wonder if there were more delicacies inside of cans. That’s when I discovered Spanish conservas. For many years, people from Barcelona used cans like wine barrels. They put high-quality foods inside, but not in order to preserve them but to age them. These conservas get better with time. That’s why Spaniards pay up to 100 € for a can of Galician clams. Food like that isn’t produced for every day consumption. It’s a rare kind of food that is being produced in small amounts for special occasions – a real delicatessen.

Barcelona has become the capital of canned delicacies. There are loads of stores, specialized in exquisite goods from all over the Iberian Peninsula, selling wine and canned tapas.

Here’s a range of canned Spanish products. Some of them are really pricey, especially canned tuna.

This is what a so-called Colmida looks like. The canned-stuff stores are packed full to their roofs.

I’m curious, what’s your favourite Spanish canned good?

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