Why only talk about beautiful art, when you can do it yourself,“ I asked myself. It often happens, when I’m at friends’ places, that I think they have so much nicer interior than I do. But when I try to find out where they got their decoration from, their answer is kind of disappointing: “It’s a DIY”! Honestly, when it comes to DIYs I am not completely untalented, but unfortunately I miss that part in my brain that is named “creativity”.

Well, after I did some online research, I found some painting that even myself could create. I bought the „ingredients“ and started my DIY. So let’s see what happened.

What Do You Need:

  • Canvas (use as many as you need)
  • Aerosols (decide on whatever colour you like)
  • Yarn or Strings
  • Scissors
  • Cardboard or Plastic for Protection (because nobody wants a messy desk, right?)
  • Use enough colour to design your canvas!


    [What I always do before starting some creative work: I clean my desk! I use cardboard to keep my table clean. I always need enough space to fill the place with new things.]

    1. So let’s get it started: Take the canvas and the yarn. Spin the yarn as many times around the canvas, as you like. There’s no limit to your creativity. If you want, put different shapes on it, too. Or if you prefer broader spaces between your colourful parts, you can use masking tape instead.
    2. Make sure the yarn sits tight around the canvas.
    3. Fits perfect? Then you can start painting with your spray cans. It’s up to you, how many colours you use. I like it simple so I only used one.
    4. Let the paint dry. Because it will take some time, you can enjoy reading other inspirational DIYs.
    5. The final step is to cut the yarn and take it off the canvas.
    6. Ta-da! Your first art piece is ready.

    Do you like your canvas? Feel free to share them with me!    

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