It’s a sunny summer afternoon and our champion is roaming  the streets, enjoying the warm breeze of summer air and taking in his surroundings. He hears people chatting, distant traffic noise, seagulls crying out for strangers’ cones of ice cream. All is well, or at least he thought it was …

Suddenly, there’s a scream! What happened? Where’s the trouble? Our hero must save the world once more, and he knows exactly how to do it. He races off for the nearest grocery store, sprints through the aisles and reaches his final destination: the cooler. He grabs a can of beer, cracks it open and enjoys a cold one. Phew! That was a close call…

Jokes apart, there are endless ways to make our world a better place and you don’t have to be a superhero to do exactly that. Enjoying a can of beer might not be the first thing that springs to mind, but provided you’re enjoying the right beer, it actually does make a difference.

Choosing the Perfect Weapon … And I Mean Beverage

Sustainability has always been  important to the beverage industry and, more precisely, in breweries too. The approaches to making  products more sustainable are very different. Some brewers want to tackle food waste and do this by creating their boozy concoctions. Others invest in social and environmental projects, or seek to save a declining bee population. Every good cause deserves to be recognised, so here’s a short list of sustainable breweries that have decided to use the best kind of metal packaging to distribute their beer: cans!

Dogfish Head

“Here at Dogfish Head, we define sustainability as giving back in order to move forward, and while we don’t take ourselves too seriously, we are extremely earnest about our responsibility to keep our planet clean and beautiful.”

The Delaware-based Dogfish Head Distilling Company is engaging in making the world a better place by making their spirits from 100 % scratch . They use real and natural ingredients, never adding flavourings or bringing in bulk spirits for re-distillation. Despite their environmentally friendly production, the company culture is shaped by a highly ecological way of thinking: proper recycling practices are in place, and they refrain from using polystyrene, as well as plastics in the form of bags, straws or bottles.

To read more about their project, hop over to their corporate blog that has many fascinating insights. While you do that, we can continue to enjoy the sight of this beautiful can design!

Photo Credit: Dogfish Head

New Belgium Brewing

Almost 30 years ago, a social worker and a homebrewer took the first steps in building an employee-owned brewery that helped fuel the rise of craft beer. Today, New Belgium Brewing has established a broad and positive reputation … not least because of their efforts to create a better environment.

“At New Belgium we have an entire team of coworkers dedicated solely to understanding and improving our beers’ impact on ecosystems and communities. […] A topic of primary importance today is climate change.”

More concretely, this means that the company is engaged in reducing greenhouse gas emissions at their brewery and with their  suppliers, as well as advocating for better climate policies to government officials.

If you want to read more about the role of sustainability for the company, have a look at their sustainability report. Taste and can design speak for themselves.

Photo Credit: New Belgium Brewing Facebook


Those of you who follow our blog regularly will already have read about the next brewery: Brewgooder whom we already wrote about in an earlier blog post, but they definitely deserve a mention here. Their mission uses the slogan #drinkbeergivewater and that’s almost all you need to know! The Scottish beer brand is a non-profit brewery. Financing themselves through crowdfunding campaigns, 100 % of their profits run into a good cause and are donated to fund clean water and sanitation projects in developing countries.

The final product not only supports a good cause but  the can designs are absolute eye catchers:

Photo Credit: Brewgooder

Some heroes wear capes … we have cans! Drinking beer for a better world … now that’s a step most adults are willing to take, right?

We love their objectives, clearly, but we also love their packaging! Which of the cans do you like best?

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