New York has always been a hot spot for new and innovative things. One of these is now coming to London and it’s completely different from everything you have seen before. New York’s Genuine Liquorette: a bar where you can drink your cocktails out of a can! Sounds like a Friday night in the park in your teenage years? Well, not in this absolutely extraordinary place.

A Cantastic Time Travel


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Located in Little Italy, the quite small bar with only 34 seats, looks like a typical California bodega-style liquor store. The plastic-strip entry door, steel diner stools, the neon sign hanging above the counter, walls with old newspapers, and tobacco and alcohol advertisements: It is like a time travel to fancy 60s movie set. Not to mention the bathroom totally dedicated to Farrah Fawcett, one of Charlies Angels. At the main walls, there are self-service fridges packed with beer and wine priced by the gram, quite in line with the bar’s motto “Customers can help themselves to whatever they want.”

Have a Cha-Chunker Cocktail!

The Cocktails are definitely the heart of this bar. Behind the counter, you can find Eben Freeman, one of the country’s most respected bartenders. He invented some a self-made machine, called the Cha-Chunker. Originally it was an arbor press which was changed and put to a platform to deal with different sized cans. With this little helper, Freeman punches holes into the top of the cans, before putting inverted mini-bar sized liquor bottles into it. Do you know what a 21-century Mojito is? It’s a mini-Cruzan white rum bottle flipped and put into a can of sprite! And because all cocktails are made this way, they are called Cha-Chunkers. Freeman created many crazy variations since the bar opened and he doesn’t seem to have come to an end, yet.

Europe Can Have It, Too

And if you think New York is too far away for a visit. Well, I got some good news for ya! In London, just some steps from Oxford Street will be opening an outpost of this fantastic bar. Of course with all the crazy Cha-Chunkers and hopefully with the cool interior design used in New York. All we know so far is that the London version will focus a “craft cocktails experience”, sell spirits by weight and will have bar keeps on hand to remove the ring pull of cans to mix the cocktails with mini-liquor bottles. A name for the London format isn’t found yet. Maybe you have an idea!

So what do you think? Is this a cool new trend or do you like your cocktails more old-fashioned? Leave me a comment!

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