Bye-bye wrapping paper, Christmas tree, and candlelight. Hello, fireworks and New Year’s resolutions. It’s over. After weeks of preparing our apartment for the big day, baking cookies, and spending too much money on presents, Christmas is now behind us. Despite my quite noticeable food baby (shame on my boundless appetite), there’s something I really have to get rid of: Tons of trash. Wrapping paper, leftovers of our Christmas dinner, the Christmas tree that’s getting drier every second, and – of course – lots of cans. The latter being the slightest problem. 😉

So, it’s about time for some useful After-Christmas recycling tips:

  1. First and probably worst recycling nightmare: wrapping paper. So much paper, and so few space in the paper bin. I’m lucky because my sister is moving in January, so I collect every piece of wrapping paper I can get, so that she can stuff her moving boxes with it. That’s also useful for storing fragile Christmas decorations.
  2. A recycling tip on my own account: No Christmas dinner ends without leftovers. It’s simply impossible to buy and prepare the exact amount of food that my family is able to disperse. And that’s okay! Throwing away good food, however, is not okay. My solution: Freeze everything that’s not nailed down and enjoy a Christmas Dinner 2.0.
  3. I really love canned food and it’s essential for our Christmas dinner. But not only that: It’s also among the easiest recyclable materials. Collect them in a recycling bin at home and bring them to a local recycling center, as soon as your bin is full. Just google the nearest recycling center and do your bit for our environment. The recycled cans are melted and the metal can be re-used. But before you do that, how about you get a little creative with your cans?
  4. You bought candles for your Advent wreath ahead and now you’re left with a living room that looks like a mausoleum? Just like me. Thank God, for all the empty cans. You can easily melt candles, maybe add a little un-Christmassy aroma to it and fill that into an empty can. Looks cool and leaves room for individual decoration ideas. CANdles!
  5. Just because Christmas is over doesn’t mean that baking season is over. It’s still cold out there and I’ve heard that one can cake a day keeps the doctor away. Take your favorite muffin recipe, butter your can, put the prepared batter in there, bake it and enjoy.
  6. When Christmas is over, New Year’s Eve is just around the corner. This year I’m celebrating with some of my friends and we’re already thinking about fun party games. Surprisingly, empty soda cans are an amazing party gadget. Check out this video for fun games you can play without much preparation on New Year’s Eve and every other party occasion: 

I managed to bring a little bit of order into my After-Christmas chaos with these easy and cool tips. But whatever you use your cans for: When you don’t need them anymore, please remember to recycle them correctly so that the can re-enters its recycling cycle. 

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