When it comes to food waste, my friend Louisa can’t take a joke. Besides her family and friends saving food is her real passion. Whenever she suspects one of her colleagues at work to leave food in the company’s fridge behind, she shakes her piggy bank where all penalty payment is collected.

Last week, Louisa and I met for our monthly meeting at one of our favorite cake bars when she told me about a brand she recently discovered. Dash Water is a British beverage brand that sells infused water. The highlight? They only use wonky fruit and vegetable supermarkets refuse to offer their customers. Real food savers!

Image Source: Dash Water

Dash Water officially launched nine months ago. Until now, they used 850kg of rejected fruit and vegetables to give their waters their fruity tastes. Already more than 500 stores in the UK sell their drinks.

“And you know what the best part is?”, Louisa asked me enthusiastically. “Their packaging is absolutely amazing. Take a look at their stunning cans! I bet they will totally sweep you off your feet.” I took out my smartphone immediately and began to do a little research on google. Yes, she was totally right! Their cans look really cool.

Back home I started to dig deeper into the topic Dash Water. The founders Alex and Jack both have farming backgrounds and used to work for mainstream soft drink producers. Therefore, they knew about the habit of supermarkets to only take the most beautiful fruits and vegetables, which creates tons of food waste.

For some numbers and further facts about global footprint of food wastage, take a look at this video of the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations:

Alex and Jack decided to tackle this problem.  Their drinks are 100 percent natural, without any sugar, sweetener or calories. Surely by now, I’m totally keen on trying at least one of the three tastes which are raspberry, cucumber, and lemon. And after drinking, I’ll have a beautiful can for my collection. What a win-win situation!

How do you like the look of the Dash Water cans? Have you already tried one?

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