Some days ago, while zapping through TV, I got stuck on a report about a charity organisation on Cyprus, which collects cans for children. What happened to me next is something many of you can relate to for sure: hanging out a little bored on your couch and suddenly something very exciting on the screen strikes your eye and some moments later you got from lazy laying to spellbound sitting. I mean, these guys are collecting and recycling cans to help little children. How cool and generous is that? So, of course I had to write an article about this organisation to share their passion with you and all other can-lovers.

Recycling for The Health of Kids

Cans for Kids is a charity, formed in 1990 in Cyprus, which organises the collection and recycling of aluminium cans on the island. To encourage people to save or better to donate their cans, the organisation had the clever and noble idea to use the money to purchase medical equipment for the children’s ward at Cypriot hospitals. Since this day, more than 25 million cans and therefore over 260,000 euros were collected and given to the Makarios Hospital in Nicosia, the main paediatric hospital in Cyprus. Additional to the donations, Cans for Kids visits schools informing kids about the benefits of recycling and to encourage already the youngest to be sustainable.

An Award Winning Project

“When Cans for Kids was founded, many people said it was a crazy idea”, said former Nicosian Mayor Eleni Mavrou, “but the ‘crazy people with the cans’ have demonstrated what can be achieved with dedication and volunteerism, and I assure them that the Nicosia Municipality stands at their side in their efforts”.

But Cans for Kids is not only a hot topic on Cyprus, although local authorities support them of course.

Furthermore many local institutions are sponsoring the project, like the St. Paul’s Anglican Cathedral, which installed a can bank in the cathedral car park. When it comes to international awareness, the project has partners like the (former) Austrian Ambassador to Nicosia, H.E. Dr Karl Mueller and Microsoft, which helped to organise the Earth Day 2015. Next to other awards the project won the World Energy Globe Award in 2011, 2013 and 2014 as well as the Award for Environmental Activity in 2013. This shows that this topic is really universal, should gain more awareness all over the world and hopefully serve as a model for other initiatives-to-be.

As the former Cans for Kids president Olga Demetriades said, “We have shown that each and every one of us can make a difference. Indeed, we must, to ensure a sustainable future for our children”.

Do you know other cool can charity projects we should take a closer look on? We are looking forward to your suggestions. 🙂

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