When we first heard that there is a mobile game about crazy cans, we got totally crazy, too. A mobile game about a can – could it BE more perfect? So it was obvious that we had to test the game in which you have to make sure that friendly smiling cans don’t hit the ground.

Cans for Life - Ready for a fun experience?
Cans for Life – Ready for a fun experience?

The game doesn’t have a lot of instructions, because it’s simply intuitive. As said before, the challenge is to keep the soda cans in the air. Wait, that’s it? Yeah, that’s it. By tapping them with your finger, you’ll save them from falling down and you from losing one life. In total, you’ve got two lives to gamble away. The longer you play, the more cans you’ll get to keep up high. To be honest – I really don’t know how many it could get, because – to be honest one more time – I simply suck at playing it. After gaining 40 points and 10 “crazy bucks”, with which I could afford other freaking crazy backgrounds to have an even crazier adventure, I lose. But that won’t keep me off from playing the game.

(Don’t) Quit playing games with my cans

After playing “Crazy Cans: Tiny Adventures” one week 24/7 nearly everywhere (I don’t joke: We played it while walking the dog, waiting for the bus or taking a bath …), I am pretty sure I’m a little bit addicted. Because it’s such a cantastic feeling of saving a little can from falling down and getting rewarded by its friendly but also a feeble-minded smile. And its crazy eyes. Never mess with crazy eyes.

Cans for Life - In the Game
Cans for Life – In the Game

If you’re an Android user you can download “Crazy Cans: Tiny Adventures” in your app-store for free – if you’re using an iPhone we are sorry to tell you, that you miss a lot of cantastic fun. You can like the Facebook page or follow InkPadStudios on Twitter to be up to date. The game is available in English, Chinese, Spanish and Portuguese.

Cans for Life - Can you top my high sore?
Cans for Life – Can you top my high sore?

Tell us what’s your high score (it’s easily higher than mine)! Just post a comment below.

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