This blog has already provided you various innovative creations with cans, which are part of our everyday lifestyle. Under our DIY and our Lifestyle section we’ve collected several ideas, but what follows will blow up your mind!

Construction + Can = Canstruction

The organisers say “Our Mission: To Canstruct a World Without Hunger®”. Canstruction, Inc. was founded by Cheri Melillo and her colleagues in 1992 in New York. The organisation puts emphasis on the food industry and issues that come along with it: the incredible amount of food waste! To focus on this global problem, they started organising exhibitions that show figures and designs built out of filled food cans. Some of their exhibitions included figures from TV series, movies, animals, famous statues and daily products.

Big, bigger, Canstruction

But what about size? I mean generally food cans are pretty small. This is what I thought first BUT the “Canstructions” are really big. In this case it’s easier to let the pictures do the talking:

A Queens Feast 4

Toronto BUL 1 - IC30

CANsanova 1

STUDIOS Architecture - We CAN Kill Hunger 1

Atlanta_Preston Partnership_2013_Best Use of Labels_1

It’s impressive, right? Just really incredible. What you can do with our beloved metal cans?

How does it help?

Well, right now you only know about the figures and the events that take place. So, how do they help the world to become “a better place”? And how do they work towards their aim of “a world without hunger”.

All cans which are used for the “Canstructions” are donated by companies or citizens.  Afterwards, Canstruction donates them to food banks. Over 40 million pounds worth of food has been collected over the (last few) years.   


I think that Canstruction is a great way to stop producing more and more waste every year. Furthermore it’s a perfect opportunity to express yourself in an artistic way and build creative designs and do something with a good purpose! All in all I really like the combination of both: helping people by donating the food and realise your creativity. 

Are you curious now? Then don’t hesitate on read more about Canstruction on their website. What do you think about the idea of the organisation and it’s purpose? Please leave a comment.

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