Dogs are going nuts for cans! You’re asking why? Because their beloved, yummy, tasty, food comes in cans. Whenever a dog owner starts to open the canned dog food, his furry friend will yelp and jump in joy. You see, cans are a dog’s best friend.

But it’s not the only way how dogs enjoy cans. What do you think about an IQ-test for your cutie? We found this lovely video of two wiener dogs. Both of them are trapped inside a circle of cans and they have to find a (actually simple) way out. One of them is clever enough to get out quickly, but the other one… still needs some practice.

This video is one of the sweetest things we’ve ever seen. After we stopped laughing about the two wiener dogs, we had to know: What would happen if we do the experiment again, but with another breed? What would another dog do when trapped inside some cans? A good friend of us, Lotta the Westi, heard of our idea. She might look small and cute, but she is almost a stuntdog and absolutely fearless (mostly). Without any hesitation she joined in our IQ-competition to battle with the two wiener dogs.

Cans for Life - Preparing the IQ-test
Cans for Life – Preparing the IQ-test

While preparing the entire scene for the dog experiment, Lotta continuously ogled the situation. Cans were placed in a circle – there was no escape for poor Lotta.

And now it’s time – Let the battle begin! What will Lotta do? Will she know how to escape from that trap? What will be her ultimate trick? Click the video to find out!

Okay, Lotta is quite smart. It took her just 20 seconds until she realized: “It’s not too high, I can fly!” and she jumped like she has never done before – majestic and graceful! At the end it’s the second place for Lotta, but nevertheless she is our No. 1!

Have you already tested your dog’s IQ? Is your fluffy friend as clever as Lotta or even the smart wiener dog? Leave us a comment and tell us about your dog’s results!

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