Today it’s finally DIY time again! I recently fell in love with a watch (after two weeks I couldn’t resist any longer and had to buy it). Since I’m wearing it, one of my colleagues keeps asking me „what time is it?“ Oh man, of course I got annoyed after the tenth time – which already felt like number hundred. I’m sure you know that feeling, when you’re really concentrated (one of those rare moments) and somebody interrupts you by – well, honestly – irrelevant questions. I know their not irrelevant to them, just me. And because I didn’t want my colleague to feel bad about it any longer, I had an idea, which I’m going to show you:

What Do You Need:

  • An Empty Can
  • Cutter Knife
  • Glue
  • Some pieces Kitchenfoil
  • One Clockwork

What Do You Have To Do:

1. First of all I recommend washing and cleaning the can (I sometimes underestimate the stickiness of old juice or beer in a can).

2. The second step is to carefully cut out the back of the can. The cut has to have the size of the clockwork – otherwise it’s going to be tricky to get the thing into it.

3. Furthermore you need a small cut at the front for the two fingers.

4. When the backside’s cutout is big enough, you can put the clock mechanism in the can.

5. Please consider that the clockwork needs to stick to the can. For this step you can use strong glue.

6. In case you had no battery in your clockwork, now is the time to change that! 😉

7. To fill the opening at the reverse you can use the kitchenfoil. Just use enough, so no one sees the cut.

8. And ta-da, the tin can is ready!

And now it’s time to finally give it to my colleague. I know, she is going to love it. And me? I like the calm moments, when she used to ask me questions about time.

Did you ever create your own clock? How did it look like? Please leave a comment.

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