Last year I spent my (late) summer holidays in Brighton. Such a beautiful town directly at the sea that caught me right away. One day my friend and I went for a long beach walk away from the crowds. What really shocked me: Although we didn’t meet a soul, the waterfront was full of junk! On the way back I craved for a cold water. Without thinking I almost reached for a plastic bottle. Then I spotted a white CanO Water can, sparkling from the shelf like a knight in shining armor. And somehow it was – in many ways.

The Taste of the Alps at Brighton’s beach

The first swallow I took was such a relief for my dry throat, believe me! It was chill, it was refreshing and it was incredibly delicious. I never ever thought I would ever say that water is something yummy. CanO Water beamed me from Brighton’s beach straight to the Austrian Alps. I could literally taste the vital minerals and electrolytes it collects on its way to the source where it is directly canned. This is only one thing that supports CanO Water in contributing to ecological balance. There’s actually more to it than that.

Water Protects Our Oceans

The vitalizing drink not only satisfied my thirst but aims to offer a highly sustainable AND recyclable alternative. By this, CanO Water truly stands out in taste and in concept, don’t you think? After all, cans protect the natural spring water from light and air and extend its shelf life. Being among the lightest beverage containers to transport, their supply chain also has a very low environmental footprint. And as every real can lover knows: metal packaging recycles forever! CanO Water cans can be back on the shelf within 60 days.

Considering this, the water tasted even better. Just think of the news from the last months. Bad enough that 8 million tons of plastic end up in the oceans each year, or worse still, our table salt contains microplastics!

No Can is Perfect?

Stop! Now you might ask: How about CanO Water’s resealable PLASTIC lid? Don’t worry, it gets absorbed without any compromise during the recycling process. You see: this makes their cans extremely practical and allows you to refill your can. Awesome!

Have you ever tried canned water? How do you like it, tell us in the comments!

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