England, an undefined day in the 18th-century. John Montagu, 4th Earl of Sandwich, was sitting at the card table, again. He was a very conversant gambler and was as usual, too busy to have a proper meal. This is what is reported in the contemporaneous book Londres from Pierre-Jean Grosley. Montagu commanded the servants to bring him some meat between two slices of bread. A simple and effective alternative, as he could eat quickly and his hands did not become sticky from the meat. Soon other people began to order “the same as Sandwich”. It does not really matter if this is true or not, because it is a nice historical anecdote and I personally love both, sandwiches and funny stories from the past.

My trip to the US

Although the Wall Street Journal once said that the sandwich was Britain’s biggest contribution to the gastronomy, the USA have a very wide range of this delicious snack. And I’m talking from experience here. When I travelled to California and Nevada in 2012 and 2013 I ate nearly every sandwich I could get my hands on. If I had to give a “top three”, the list would look like this: Philly Cheesesteak, Meatball Sandwich and my number one, a Tuna Melt.

My Tuna Melt experience

It was in Morro Bay, California, when I first ate my favourite Sandwich. The navigation system failed and we were busy looking for our Motel. A man, who noticed that we were lost, came to us and asked if we were in need of help. He was a mountain of a man and all covered head to toe with tattoos, but his friendly attitude led to a lovely conversation. He had a little bar at the harbour with a spectacular view of Morro Rock. He invited us to eat there and in the evening when I asked which dish he could recommend, he said “my Tuna Melt”. I do not know if it was just the sandwich itself or the combination of this beautiful place and the awesome people, but it was just perfect.

Go for sandwiches!

And still, when I eat a good Tuna Melt I instantly get the holiday feeling. Even back home, sandwiches are my favourite snack-food. They are easy to make – because you can get the tuna from a can – fresh, and as a snack to go they are absolutely delicious. And you can combine lots of different ingredients to make your own special sandwich. So no matter if you are a vegetarian, vegan, have some kind of food allergy or just eat everything: A Sandwich is always what you make of it. I asked Mike, the bar owner from Morro Bay for his recipe but as you can imagine, he kept it a secret. So I had to try lots of different recipes to get anywhere close to the amazing taste of Mike’s Tuna Melt. And two recipes really stood out for me. So naturally I want to share them with you! Give them a try and let me know how you liked them!  


Classic Tuna 

Apple and Tuna

What is your favorite Sandwich? Leave me a comment or even the recipe!

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