Christmas is already over and we’re counting the last days of 2018. Crazy how time flies, right? In a few days we’re celebrating New Year’s Eve. It’s the same procedure as every year: First I have a party to plan or have to decide where to go and what to do on that special day. I really love to welcome a new year with a great party, so it’s pretty sure that I won’t stay at home on my couch! Second, when I finally decided what to do, there’s the next difficult question: What to eat? Don’t worry – as a can lover I’m prepared for that and I’m sure I have a canny recipe for you to make every party a perfect one!

The Healthy Ones: Salads

A fresh salad is always a good idea for a party and very easy to make. What about a beet & white bean salad? It’s not only a good base for the champagne you will drink that night, it’s also a very healthy dish with a dose of fibre and protein. I’m thinking of all the extra pounds I gained over Christmas … At least as good and healthy is a white bean salad with tomato and feta! Yummy!

My Personal Happy Meal: Pizza

In my opinion pizza is the best party food ever! Everybody loves pizza and you can eat it hot and cold, so there’s no need to keep it warm all the time. What a wonderful coincidence that I have a canny pizza recipe for you: Pissaladière – Pizza with a French twist! Trust me, you and your friends will love it.

For the Sweet Tooth: Desserts Baked Apple in a Can-2

Let’s talk about sweets. What about some mini can cakes? They can hold for a dessert or a snack and they are so yummy! And what’s best: You can decorate them with candles, sparklers or whatever you like. And if you still can’t get enough of Christmassy desserts, try these baked apples in cans.

You see, it’s possible to serve a canny three-course New Year’s Eve menu or at least now you have some delicious snack ideas to bring to your friend’s party! I think I’ll lose my Christmas pounds next year and choose these yummy mini can cakes to bake for the party.

Now there’s only one question left … What will I wear?!

In this sense, have a great party and a happy new year! Which canny meal will you cook to welcome 2019?

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