Mother’s Day is just around the corner and for that reason me and millions of other people around the world try to express their appreciation and respect to their mothers. But as this day comes closer I always get a little stressed out trying to find the perfect gift idea. I am not the most creative person and handicraft work would never come to my mind. But when a friend of mine showed me this version of a self-made gift I tried it out and it was fun to do!

What makes this gift so special is that it is made by yourself and has an individual touch. My mum loves to spend time in her garden, just watching flowers and relaxing. That’s why I chose a floral motive. Feel free to pick the right motive for your mum of course. Your mum loves heavy metal? Make the can pitch black with a skull pattern!

So here’s what you need to create that sweet gift for Mother’s Day (believe me, your mum will be delighted!):

What Do You Need:

  • One can Dekoration
  • A Hammer
  • Nail(s)
  • A string
  • A piece of patterned fabric
  • A strong adhesive

What Do You Have To Do:

1. The creative part comes first here! Think about a nice motive that would suit your mum. I chose a floral pattern and crop the fabric to the size of the can.

2. When you’ve chosen the perfect design, stick the material to the can with strong adhesive, so it will last long.

3. Now it’s time to get your hammer and nails! Carefully use a nail to knock a few holes all around the can, six will be enough. You might need more than one nail here, just in case. 😉

4. Thread a string through two holes on opposite sides of the can to use as a hanger.

5. Carefully put a lit candle inside and hang your lantern on the branch of a tree.

6. Enjoy your mum’s reaction when she spots that surprise! 🙂

By the way: Feel free to decorate your can any way you want it! You can also paint it and create apattern with holes! Get creative!

So what about you, what is your coolest idea for a Mother’s Day gift? Let me know in a comment below.

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