I would love to call myself an orderly person who puts everything exactly where it belongs … but I’m not. After uncountable outbursts by my boyfriend complaining about my clothes hanging on literally every chair we possess and shoes piling up next to our doormat, all I’m able to do is keep my vintage can collection dust-free. At least, it’s something!

It’s not that I’m not willing to learn, because for once I’d love to enter a tidy apartment with no scarves and jackets spread across the floor. I just need a little push. And I found the perfect device for fighting my messiness:

A coat-rack made of cans!

This will not only help me embrace my long-neglected inner stickler for order, but it’s also an amazing opportunity for re-using a bunch of empty cans I’ve been storing for some time. Here’s my tutorial on how to bring some canny order into your lives.

First Things, First! What You Need:

  • A wooden beam (length depends on how long you’d like your coat-rack to be)
  • Empty cans (as many as you need for storage)
  • Screws
  • Coat hooks
  • Driller
  • Screwdriver
  • Glue

Let’s Get Started!

  1. If you happen to not have any empty cans at home (a situation that never occurred to me), eat the contents. Eat them all! Rinse your cans afterwards and you’re ready to go.
  2. Drill holes into the middle of the bottom of your cans. Don’t forget to smooth out the edges of your cans, so that you don’t cut yourself while getting things in order.
  3. Drill holes for your cans into the wooden beam. Make sure to choose the right distance, so that your cans fit next to each other and there’s an even space in-between them. If you’re a fan of more chaotic designs, screw the holes wherever you like.
  4. Use your screwdriver to screw the cans to the beam.
  5. Glue your coat hooks underneath the cans.
  6. Hang that beautiful construction of yours on the wall and enjoy the view, before finally overcoming your weaker self.

Pro tip: I spray-painted my cans before screwing them to the beam for this cool retro-look. You can choose whatever colour you like best or leave them as they are. Same goes for the beam.

The cans are the perfect storage space for the colder season, when digging up scarves and hats I didn’t need over the summer or those mini umbrellas. Of course, you’re free to choose deviant can sizes for a more individual look of your coat-rack or if you need bigger and/or smaller spaces.

However you like this DIY, one thing is clear: The messy days are over. So, see you later, guys – I’m off bringing some order into my life and surprising my boyfriend with at least a square-meter of visible floor. The mess of crafting will be his to clean, but hey: The effort counts, right?

Did you ever use cans as an ordering device? What’s your go-to DIY idea to tidy up your life?

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