I’m really lucky. At only 24 years, I have found two loves of my life! The first one, I met in my early years. I think I was about three back then and fell in love immediately. It was my birthday and the guests were equally beatific of my love as me. Ever since, we met multiple times a year at special occasions, but sometimes also for coffee on Sundays.

One cold winter afternoon at a German Christmas market, I met the second one. It was a beautiful moment with all my friends around me. Even years later, we still love to recount that story. And just recently I finally found a way to bring the two of them together and we’ll live happily ever after from now on. The talk is of cake (obviously!) and advocaat (what did you expect?!). I combined the two of them and put them in a can and I promise you: it’s an absolute masterpiece!

With Easter just around the corner, my diet is dominated by eggs in all forms you can imagine. After blowing out egg shells, I usually live off omelettes and scrambled eggs for a couple of days, but also advocaat deserves a place on an adult Easter buffet.

Our tipsy advocaat cake in a can is the perfect companion for your first picnic this season and a nice snack, wherever you go – of course only, when there are no important appointments and driving involved! Drink responsibly, folks. Not all the alcohol evaporates while baking! If you’re preparing the cake to-go, you can simply keep it in the can and spoon it out, when you’re craving some deliciousness.

The Ingredients for a Tipsy Can Cake

3 cans (à 580 ml)

375 g butter

6 eggs

200 g sugar

450 g flour

1 tsp baking soda

300 ml advocaat (200 ml for the batter; 100 ml to saturate)

Spit of wood

Now Put it All in a Can and … Done!

  • Unfortunately, it’s a little trickier than that. But I’m sure, you’ll manage! Start by whisking your butter until it’s nice and soft. Keep whisking, while you add one egg after the other.
  • Mix in the sugar! If you’re not the sweetest eater, feel free to reduce the amount to taste, but since I love it sweet and full of calories, I go with the maximum.
  • Combine flour and baking soda, sieve the mixture and stir it in.
  • Here comes the interesting part: pour in 200 ml of advocaat and mix the batter, until it’s smooth. Butter your cans, divide the batter into three even parts and fill it in.
  • Bake the can cakes for approximately 60 minutes at 180° C.
  • After baking, use a spit of wood to poke holes into the cakes. The best is yet to come: Soak the cake with even more advocaat. (The recipe says 100 ml, I know, but let’s be honest: that’s like the amount of cheese in casserole recipes. The absolute minimum.)

Enjoy on the Spot or To-Go

When it comes to food, I can be quite cunning. I baked the can cakes for a picnic with my boyfriend and for those of you who can put one and one together: two people, three cakes … That means, there was a spare one. Don’t worry, I solved this problem on the spot. 😉 The other two cakes tasted even better in great company.

We love recipes with ingredients in cans, but recipes prepared and served in cans are not far behind. What’s your favourite dish in a can?

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