In our first article of this blog series, we explained how to entertain your little party guests with a funny game called can knockdown. But only one party game is definitely not enough for a proper birthday party! So, what is the most important thing for birthday bashes? Right, the music! No music, no party!

But putting a CD in the player would be way too easy. Our can drum will keep the kids entertained with handicrafts and, after finishing the DIY, they can even play with their homemade souvenir. Business before pleasure as the grown-ups would say. 😉

What You Need:

  • cans (as many as there are kids at the party)
  • coloured paperboard
  • balloons (again: as many as there are kids at the party)
  • ribbon
  • glue
  • scissors
  • two pencils for each can
  • styrofoam balls

This is How You Do It:

  1. Empty the cans (remember to use the cans from the products you need for the party snacks) and remove the labels.
  2. Decorate the cans with the coloured paperboard as you like it.
  3. Cut off the end/open side of the balloon and stretch it over the open side of the can.
  4. To attach it, glue the ribbon on the edge.
  5. Finally, put the pencils in the styrofoam balls and use them as drumsticks.

Quite simple, isn’t it? 🙂 The clue is: the kids will be engaged while creating the can drum and after that they won’t stop playing with the cool instrument. PS: It can also be used for cheering during other games.

Which colour would your can drum have? Do you like our tips for canny children’s birthday parties?

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