Spending hours and hours baking, cooking, brainstorming a diversified entertainment programme … Organising children’s birthday parties made me feel like being an event manager for a long time – until I discovered that cans make the perfect helping hand. That is why I’m keen to share my tips for a canny children’s birthday party that can be enjoyed by both big and little guests! Let’s start with a very simple recommendation that will keep all party goers amused: can knockdown!

What You Need:

  • 6 cans
  • sand
  • tape
  • craft materials (e.g. wrapping paper, paper doilies, cords, bows, etc.)
  • a small table
  • a hula hoop
  • a bean bag

This is How You Do It:

  1. Empty the cans (tip: use the cans from the products you need for the party snacks) and take off the labels.
  2. Fill the empty cans half full with sand to prevent them from knocking down too early.
  3. Cover the can’s open side with strong tape to keep the beans inside.
  4. Decorate the cans to match the party theme (if there’s one) or to the birthday child’s taste.
  5. Finally stack up the cans in a pyramid shape (in a 3-2-1 arrangement) on the table.
  6. Use a hula hoop to mark the throw line.
  7. Let the games begin!

The Rules:

  1. Each participant gets 3 tosses in a row and has to throw the bag at the cans.
  2. The player to knock down the most cans in a series of rounds wins the game!

Super simple, right? Of course, you can vary the rules. In order to make the game more challenging you might require that all cans have to be knocked down at once, reposition the hula hoop or use different sized bags.

What score did you get? Are you already looking forward to my next tip for a canny children’s birthday party? What’s it supposed to be – a DIY, a recipe or …?

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