Big cities, huge buildings, cars, industries: Yes, for many people it’s beautiful, useful and living in a city has many advantages but some people see one thing that is still growing – smog. Especially in the world metropolis heavily polluted areas are a problem. That’s why two Canadians had the idea to sell fresh air in cans.

What started as a joke is now a real big thing! People are willing to spend much money on air in cans and today there are many companies that offer this special gift.

A Growing Market

When Moses Lam and Troy Paquette started their business, they filled a bag with air and tried to sell it on eBay. After they noticed that people are really buying it, they founded Vitality Air in 2014. Nowadays, they sell different air and oxygen in spray cans.

As selling air in cans seems to be very profitable, the market grew fast and today the internet offers many kinds of air for sale. You can buy air with different smells, air for children or for grandparents and many more. Most of the air is packed ready to use: in spray cans with inhalation masks for an easier use.

Breathe in, Breathe out: Different Air in Lovely Cans

The Company Evairy for example sells a fresh breeze from the Austrian village Hallstatt that is known for its clear air and holiday flair. The Chinese entrepreneur Chen Guangbiao provides air “made in China” (I wonder what this smells like) and the shop vanrode offers Berlin air in a small can as a souvenir from the German capital. If that doesn’t sound crazy to you, prepare for that: the Bavarian company Bayrisch Gschmoch sells cans that are filled with air from their cowshed to convey a feeling of nature, childhood and the last holiday on a farm.

The companies use the market to promote their country or city and to attract tourists and rubbernecks. And especially habitants of huge metropolis often buy a can to get some fresh air. The market is still growing as the demand for air in cans is huge.

One thing we need to think about here – especially when it comes to the point of packaging – is: is it cool or is it unnecessary? We’re honest, we think it’s unnecessary waste in times we want to avoid needless packaging and packaging should only be used to protect goods. But if you see it as a gift or something you’d keep as a souvenir, it’s not really a waste … It’s definitely not easy to answer this question! And we’re curious to see what’s coming next. 

What do you think? Would you buy a can filled with fresh air or with a special smell? Tell us in the comment section below.

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