B oyfriends watch out, Valentine’s Day is right around the corner. In nine days you’re socially expected to hand over flowers, sweets, or life size toys to your beloved ones. But aren’t you tired of presenting the same old things over and over again? Then today’s your lucky day, because we’ve got a nice idea, how to wrap a traditional present in a modern and environmental friendly way. And because nothing says ‘I care about you’ more than something, that is handmade, we’ve prepared a little inspirational DIY for you.

Bouquets fade – hopefully your love doesn’t. To avoid sending that message by giving flowers that won’t last long, here’s a cool idea. To survive the weeks (and months and years) after Valentine’s Day you shouldn’t separate the flowers from what they need – roots and earth. (Feel free to use that metaphor on your greeting card; you’re welcome!)

How to turn a can into a cool flower's home

All you need for this DIY is an empty and cleaned can, some flowers (or flower bulbs to increase the impression that your love is growing each day), flower soil, tools for your gardening, and nice colors in a can or an aerosol can.

First of all you have to make sure, that your can is neatly cleaned up, labelless and dry. Now get creative! You can paint the cans in every color you like. Also you can use some glue to decorate your future flower pot with glitter or whatever you have in mind. After that your colored can needs to dry. If you want to increase the intensity of the color, you can use a second layer of color. If you’re using bright colors we recommend white color as a primer to make your can extra shiny. Of course the imagination knows no boundaries while prettying up your can. Feel free to use decoupage or washi tape to improve the look of your DIY present. Of course you don’t have to put flowers in your can – herbs are also a great present.

When you’re done decorating, you have to fill one half of your can with flower soil. On top of that you put your flower or bulb. The next step is to fill your can with more flower soil until your flower’s roots or your flower bulb are perfectly covered. Now your handmade flowerpot is completed and ready to be delivered. But don’t forget to remind the new flower’s owner to water them regularly. (Pro tip: if you want to visit him or her more often, why don’t you suggest to apply the task and do it whenever you’re visiting. Reason enough to come over more often.)

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