I am a huge fan of socks. They’re great. I mean, I wear them almost every day. Just like probably everyone else. What I enjoy about them most is that you can make a bold yet subtle fashion statement. You know it and the hand full of attentive people will respect you for it. Remember the 1990s and the ties with comic motives, everybody used to wear? I believe that’s what socks are right now. And I truly believe that’s what our kids will make fun of us for in 25 years. Anyway, I recently purchased a pair of socks with a can of sardines on them because that’s as unconventional as it gets. And I love the unconventional. It visually separates me from the rest and makes me feel incredibly individual. My sardine can socks are most definitely only the first can representatives in my wardrobe. I love canned food and drinks and I love clothes, so what could possibly go wrong? What I’m trying to say is that cans not only serve as a means of storing food but are also so cool that you can wear them on your shirt, sweater or socks.

I know what you’re thinking: How in the world would cans be a great motive on clothes? Let me show you some stylish designs:

Well, those aren’t exactly socks but it’s pretty much the direction, I was looking at. As simple they are, sardine cans look kind of cool when printed on fabric. This plays into the trend of industry romanticising that’s currently going on.

Sardinen Shirt

Although this can of soup has been around for a lot longer, it was Andy Warhol who made it what it is today: a piece of art. Campbell soup has become incredibly famous around the world and has a huge fan base through its presence in decades of pop culture. So it’s not surprising at all that fashion designers soon started hopping on the bandwagon.


I know, I know, the can is not the most prominent beverage container for this huge soft drink supplier but it just looks so nice. And you know what they say, “Wear what you love!” So if you love a can, go ahead and print it on every piece of clothing that you love. Wear it proudly and give your favourite company free publicity!



What’s your favourite piece of clothes? Does it show a can or metal goods?

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