There are two types of people in this world: those who love coffee and those who live the idea of having the best coffee day by day. Back when I was a student, I worked as a part-time barista in a café. My standard for good coffee is thus quite high in comparison to others. I’ve been looking for the perfect grinded coffee for such a long time and lastly I thought I’d be going with a quite good one for situations where I’m not able to grind some fresh coffee beans.

During my last summer vacation I, a passionate barista, went to the USA and took a roadtrip right through the middle of North America. Seeing the other side of the USA beyond stars and glam was fascinating and the nature was so impressive. One morning when I decided to drink my coffee, I made an awful discovery: the coffee got wet in its plastic container. So the nightmare began: I was in the middle of nowhere and my coffee was unusable. You cannot imagine how happy I was when later on that day I found a supermarket.

I thought about getting a new normal package of coffee but then I found the one and only solution for everyone who loves freshly grinded coffee everywhere he or she goes.

The Solution for Every Coffee Lover

For all those people who want to drink freshly grinded coffee without dealing with its loss of quality the company and coffee roasting facility La Colombe has the perfect alternative. They have the vision of making good coffee available for everyone. So they created a can that contains freshly grinded coffee required for a single serving. The great quality and taste of La Colombe’s coffee is not the only advantage of the product.

La Colombe Canned Coffee

When I was in the middle of nowhere in the US and saw the canned coffee by La Colombe in that supermarket I immediately knew that everything about it makes perfect sense: the can keeps the grinded coffee dry and retains its aroma perfectly. Although I’m aware of most of innovations from the can industry, I’ve never seen something like this before and was very surprised that it tasted like freshly grinded coffee. The flavour of the coffee was fruity and with low acidity which makes a perfect rounded taste. The fact that every coffee can was made for the amount of one serving keeps all sorrows about your precious coffee away. Believe it or no but it was such a good discovery that this coffee brings a fancy café experience to wherever you are.

Canned Coffee must come to Europe

While I was drinking my beloved La Colombe coffee, I planned to buy as much as I could carry in my suitcase on my way home to Germany. Unfortunately, La Colombe is obsessed with the idea that “America deserves better coffee”. That is good for all North Americans, who can buy La Colombe coffee cans in their online shops and cafés. But for me as European, it is pretty hard to get them. All I’m hoping for is that La Colombe is soon about to say: “The world deserves better coffee.”

Have you ever needed a good coffee treat as much as I have? What is your secret to keep your coffee fresh and tasteful? Tell us in the comments!

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