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We’re almost a month into 2017 and it’s going great for me. So far I’m keeping up to all of my resolutions including being conscious to our environment. Starting with my daily commute to work which shouldn’t even be called that, as it’s just about 3 km. However I got so accustomed to driving these short distances every day that I didn’t even realise how unnecessary this habit really was. Driving short distances is not only bad for the environment but also for the wallet. So when I noticed that my funds are running low, I started walking to work every day.

This didn’t only have the two aforementioned benefits, but it also made me arrive at the office relaxed in the mornings. Everyone who lives in a bigger city knows how stressful city traffic can be. So how do I get back to recycling? Oh right: The environment! Recycling is the fastest and easiest way to help save the environment. It’s not the most creative way though. That would be reusing your waste in order to make beautiful and useful things out of it. I have collected a couple of pictures that show you, what you can make out of your old cans, instead of throwing them away.

Take this one for example: A cute little dachshund made out of an empty spray can bottle. This is my definition of “CANimal art” (my pun, spread the word!) Does it serve any real purpose? Maybe. But it looks just so beautiful. And the best thing is that the artist who did this made a whole range of beautiful canimals.

I’m pretty sure what can this giraffe is made of. I won’t name any brand, though, unless they pay me. In a lifetime supply of my favorite non-alcoholic beverage:

Whoever did this is probably also responsible for this little dragonfly made out of the same kind of can:

For those of you who, much like myself, have two left hands (while being righties of course) here is a piece that even you can make. I bet, I could. It doesn’t quite resemble canimal art but at least it serves a purpose, two actually, as you reuse old cans and transform them into bird houses.

Muy importante: Sand all of the sharp edges, so no one, neither you nor the bird, is in danger of cutting yourselves.

When you’re done sanding all of these sharp edges (don’t make me mention it again), you’re free to paint the can any colour, you want. Tie it to a tree with some pretty piece of cloth and put a stick for the bird to stand on the downward end of the can’s open side (glue it on or push it through). Fill it with whatever delicious snack your local birds prefer (probably some seed) and watch them enjoy their lives in their newly made bird house. You can do this, I believe in you.

How have you done with your resolutions so far?

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