Sometimes you just have to get up and see the world from a different angle: You can do that by stepping out of your comfort zone, travelling the world, and discovering new hot spots widening your horizon.

Because this year’s summer with its festival of rain, sunshine, and storms feels more like April, I spontaneously decided to buy a flight ticket and escape to a nicer and warmer place: Portugal! I’ve never been there before but I was looking forward to refreshing my memories of what a real summer feels like. Two birds killed with just one stone, I thought. Strike!

Having arrived in Portugal’s capital Lisbon I was all touristy for the first days strictly sticking to my travel guide I got before taking off for Portugal. Therefore I visited the classic Lisbon tourist sights like Torre de Bélem, the famous Elevator the Santa Justa or took a ride with the Tram 28.


Besides these sights Lisbon has so much more to offer! After a few days when I became more familiar with the city I ‘dared’ to leave the tourist travel routes and discovered the city on my own. Thus, I strolled through its beautiful tiny alleys. One day while walking down a sunny street enjoying my cup of ice cream, I passed a restaurant with the funny name ‘Can the Can’. It instantly caught my attention. I walked inside and saw this impressive and extraordinary chandelier hanging on the ceiling and also the rest of the room was quite interesting. I was totally amazed and felt like being in another world when the door opened and a man appeared. It was , the Greek maître de cuisine and owner of the little restaurant. We talked for quite a while and I absolutely fell in love with him and his Portuguese cuisine. Akis told me his whole life story and that he’s been living in Portugal for about 25 years. His great love is, as funny as it sounds, canned fish! In his opinion canned Portuguese fish is the best in the world and therefore he kind of makes this the star of his cuisine: The top chef and his team combine canned seafood with fresh and warm dishes. When I first heard ‘canned’ I thought “What? That’s not my idea of fresh food” but Akis convinced me that canned fish is actually much fresher than the one you get at your favorite grocery store. The reason behind this is that right after the catch, the fish gets processed and instantly goes straight into the can – without losing any of its freshness or quality.




The restaurant Can the Can is definitely worth a visit if you’re (like me) a fan of cans because you find them everywhere in this restaurant: From the chandelier made of 3.000 tin cans to that awesomely delicious food out of cans. I totally fell in love with the atmosphere, the idea and the person behind all of that. My conclusion: ‘Can the Can’ can. And they really do!

02 can the can

08 can the can

010 can the can

As you can see, changing perspectives, seeing new people and places always leads to cans.

Have you already heard of a canned food restaurant? Do you think that could be new trend coming up in 2017? Please leave an answer below.

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