Cans are a part of almost everybody’s everyday life. The soda can you drink from, the food can you get your canned fruits from or the paint cans you buy to make your home prettier. Recycling on the other hand is still, now in 2016, not as common as one might think. Especially in the mega cities around the world, cans are often simply tossed on the street when not needed anymore. The creative Designers Azusa Murakami and Alexander Groves of Studio Swine came up with a great art project that is based around the re-purposing of scrap metal.

Catadores collect all kinds of scrap metals to transform them back to useable things

Catadores are the numerous people called that roam the busy streets of São Paulo in Brazil. They collect all kinds of metals right out of garbage bins, curbs or drainages with the purpose to transform the scrap metal into useable things again or sell them to junk yards. A system that exists for years and serves a solution for several problems: The streets become cleaner and existing resources are used again. A win-win situation for the catadores and the city of São Paulo.

The idea was to show what is possible in recycling aluminum cans

The designers Azusa Murakami and Alexander Groves used this unique system of recycling in São Paulo for an art project back in 2013. They called it “CAN CITY”. The idea behind it was to show, with simple materials that can be found around the city, what is possible in recycling aluminum cans. A very accessible DIY concept for every person, if you will. Sand from building sites was used to create a casting form; the furnace they used to melt the aluminum cans was made out of scrap metal and an old beer barrel and the fuel to power it was created by waste vegetable oil the artists got for free from street vendors.

Can City from Studio Swine on Vimeo.

Did you like the project by Studio Swine? What other ideas do you have about up-cycling used beverage cans? Any other comments on the project? Leave us a comment below!

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