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Just recently, I went on a weekend trip to Glasgow, because a friend of mine is doing her semester abroad there. Despite the classic sightseeing, I wanted to explore the city on a culinary level (‘cause I’m addicted to food, I admit it). In between masses of Chicken Tikka Masala and Glasgow Salads (it’s not as healthy as the name suggests), I bathed in British beers. In a local supermarket, I stumbled upon Brewgooder’s Clean Water Lager. To be honest, it was the design of their beer cans that caught my attention first, because they look super cool:

Photo Credits: Brewgooder

I mean, just look at those beautiful colours! But what’s best about Brewgooder is that while drinking you do something good for humanity. Don’t believe me? Then keep on reading!

A Noble Mission: #drinkbeergivewater

Sounds like a wishful dream, right?

It isn’t. The Scottish beer brand is a non-profit brewery. They donate 100 % of their profits to fund clean water and sanitation projects in developing countries. By now, they have helped over 40,000 people living in Malawi and provided them with access to clean water. While they’re doing their (incredible) bit for humanity, selling their beer in cans is great for our environment as well, as they can be recycled endlessly.

Beautiful Cause, Beautiful Can

Brewgooder’s beer cans are a super sustainable packaging choice, but they are also designed with a lot of love for details. At the bottom, in the orange section, you see the first positive result of buying a can Brewgooder’s Clean Water Lager: you get to enjoy a fresh, cold beer. The blue part of the can illustrates an African village featuring citizens, as well as a water well. The second and even more important consequence of purchasing Brewgooder: access to clean water for those in need. Aren’t they beautiful? Plus, they fit perfectly into my collection.

On a Quest for World Domination – Or Something Like That

Since their founding in 2016, Brewgooder has achieved a lot, but why stop there? That’s what co-founders Alan Mahon and Josh Littlejohn thought, so they’re planning to expand their clean water project to Ghana in 2019. But even that is not enough for them, says Alan Mahon:

“Every case that we sell at retail value allows us to provide clean water access for a person in Malawi for over two years. Our hope is twofold – that we’ll be proven correct and that the value paid, echoes that of the impact and we manage to attract a new range of Brewgooder drinkers that can help bring us closer to achieving our overall mission: To provide clean water to one million people across the world.”

Now, if this blog post didn’t catch your interest, maybe Brewgooder’s brand film will. Check it out!

Drinking beer and doing good was never so easy to combine, don’t you think?

Do you know any other projects where buying a can has such a positive impact? Feel free to leave us a comment below!

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