Especially in the weeks before Christmas people get into the crafting and decorating maze. Last year I was so busy that I could not craft an Advent Calendar for my boyfriend. Thus I had to buy one, which wasn’t particularly decorative! The worst thing was, he had a self-made calendar for me. Oops!

So this year I had to top it and surprise him with a really good one. As I created a canny advents wreath last year, I thought of a canny DIY advent calendar this year. An advent calendar out of cans is what I came up with. So, during the 24 days before Christmas, there will be a little surprise waiting for him in cans, each day! And although he is 29: You are never too old for an advent calendar! 🙂 I hope he likes it! 😀 If you also want to have a decorative advents calendar for your loved ones, here is how it is done:

What Do You Need for the DIY Advent Calendar:

  • 24 used tin cans
  • 1 sticker set with numbers from 1 to 24
  • 1-2 can acrylic spray paint/coating (suitable for your other decoration stuff)
  • Wires
  • A knob
  • 24 nails

What Do You Have To Do:

Of course, you can use other variations of how to do it, but here is how I imagine the perfect DIY can calendar.

  1. Wash the cans and sting two holes in the top (right and left). Important: drill the holes before painting.
  2. In the next step, spray all cans with acrylic spray paint. The typical Christmas colour is red, so I decided to choose dark Christmas red. You can also use other colours or several at once if you can not decide on one colour.
  3. When the varnish has dried, you can stick the stickers on to the cans.
  4. Then you pull the wire through the holes in the can to give them a bail.
  5. In the last step, you equip the knob with 24 nails and hang the cans on it. They are allowed to be hung up in a mess so that you have to search for the right day. 😉

DIY Advents Calendar Cans_1 DIY Advent Calendar Cans

Have fun with it and enjoy the days until Christmas! ???? What are your ideas? Leave your inspiration in the comment section below.

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