When I visited my parents a few weeks ago, it wasn’t just because of the delicious waffles and coffee, I wanted to collect stuff for a flea market.

After I had rummaged my parents basement, I figured out that I should include my own boxes, which I left at my parents place at the time I moved into my first apartment. One of those cartons contained very meaningful things to me: toys from my childhood. The more I dug the more came up – what a surprise! I rediscovered an incredible amount of toys, which I already had forgotten (I know shame on me!).

When I reached almost the bottom of the box, I suddenly stopped, because I saw him! “Who? Batman!” Yes, you read right, I held Batman in my hand. He used to be my favourite toy when I was about 12 years old. But different than the other toys, he was really special to me. “Why? Because he was self-made.” I created him after a long vacation in France, where my parents and I spend many days at the seaside. I collected old and used beverage cans that lay at the beach and cleaned them when I returned back home. I cut them into small pieces and put them back together. Honestly, I must admit that my father helped me a little, but it felt like it was my own creation. I remember me running through the garden or the kitchen, holding the figure right above my head and make Batman fly. I’m sure my parents were pretty annoyed by my behaviour, dashing through rooms, making funny noises to even hear that Batman was flying as fast as an airplane. Unfortunately I was lucky… they never let me know.


Back to my boxes: I had the strong feeling to leave those boxes untouched as they were before I opened them. They comprised too many stories that belonged to no one else than me. I’m sure everyone has his or hers favourite toys, which are special to them, or am I wrong? You can try to convince me of the opposite.

But what was your favourite childhood-toy? Please leave a comment below. 🙂

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