There is something outside. A dangerous threat, quiet and unratable. Not alive, but not dead. You may have heard about it… zombies! Since “The Walking Dead” and other TV series about the undead, we are all afraid of a horrible and long-lasting zombie apocalypse. If that would happen, you can be sure, we will stand by your side. We created a grocery list for everybody to be well-prepared if the zombies will attack us. If you want to stay alive, go on reading!

The List

How to prepare for a zombie apocalypse
We show you how to prepare for the next zombie apocalypse

Canned food is durable for a long time. Maybe the apocalypse will last months, years or even more. Food in cans is the most helpful thing during this hard period of horror. So, buy every canned food that you can get. But it’s not just important that you have enough food and beverages, but also defending weapons and useful assistants as light in the dark. Therefore, check out our pro tips!

Pro tip 1: the weapon

To defend yourself if the zombies will attack you pull the unfilled balloons over the empty cans. Put some little stones, spikes, or anything else that might hurt inside the can, pull the balloon and fire off the charge. It seems to be a weapon for children, but it’s helpful to get some time for hiding.

Pro tip 2: Light in the dark

If a zombie apocalypse will happen to us, do we have electricity and light? In movies with a world ending scene, people always have to manage the darkness. So, we might have to do so as well. In order to prevent this, buy as many candles as you can! Fill the candle wax in empty food cans. They are bigger and will save the wax, so that your candle light will burn longer than usual. You will never know, what might happen in a short period of darkness while changing the small candles…

Did we forget anything? Do you have any other tips how to survive the zombie apocalypse? Please let us know – it’s a matter of life and death!

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