We all know the issue: The bathroom is a mess, towels everywhere, and no real place to put them away. Especially if you only have a small bathroom finding solutions to store things becomes crucial. How handy cans can be, you’ll find out in our DIY guide for bathroom storage. It’s easy, fun, and helps you stay organized.

Here is what you need:

  • Empty cans (we recommend you’ll use food or paint cans – the bigger the better)
  • White primer and some paint brushes
  • A fabric that fits your bathroom style
  • Some colored tape
  • A medium-sized MDF (fibreboard)
  • Some nails, bolts and nuts
  • A drill or hammer and a hot glue gun

Step 1: Make your cans even prettier!

You start off with cleaning out your can thoroughly (You don’t want your bathroom to smell like ravioli or paint). When the cans are all clean and shiny, apply two layers of primer on the can and let them dry.

Step 2: It's all about the style

Cut out a sheet of fabric that will fit around the outside wall of the can tightly. There are no limits to your creativity. Maybe you can even use different kinds of pattern to give it that shabby chic? Apply glue on the inside of the fabric and wrap it firmly around the can. Give it some time to dry properly.

Step 3: No cutting edge here

Cans can be sometimes sharp around its edges. Well, their purpose is not to be a towel holder either. But to prevent you from cutting yourself on the edges, apply the colored tape around the top side of the can. This can be done several times to make sure no sharp parts poke out.

Step 4: Hang 'em high

The final step has already come: placing the towel holder on the wall. Drill holes through the bottoms of the cans and set them with bolts onto the fibreboard. If you want, you can apply the same coating, fabric and tape on the board to give it a nice look as well. Find a suitable location for your new towel holder and mount it on the wall. Congratulations, you are now the proud owner of a homemade bathroom towel holder!

Pro tip:

If you are into the “industrial look”, you could also use empty paint cans with the handle still attached. Don’t get all fancy, the clean, shiny metal will do the trick here, so no need for extra paintings or accessories. Place them on the wall in any shape or way you want and you are already all set.

How did you like our idea for a quick, easy, and fun bathroom storage system made out of cans? Do you have any improvements that we should add? Leave a comment below!

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