Summer’s finally decided to come around and what goes better with warm weather and sun shine than fun, delightful music? The Amazing Canny Summer Playlist will turn your summer into a canny experience.

Whenever it’s scorching hot outside, I don’t feel the urge to spend hours in the kitchen cooking. That’s the exact moment when canned food is at its best! Opening up a can of beans for a chilled salad or a can of peaches for a refreshing snack honestly is all that can be asked of me in situations like that.

Once I’m done preparing my light summer snack, I’m headed straight for the balcony where I usually enjoy my meals. In order to get the most out of my summery after work dinner experience, I have got to have some nice music to go along with my meal. So in honour of the canned foods that make relaxing after work while also being fed possible, I present to you my Amazing Canny Summer Playlist:

Jamiroquai – Canned Heat

To me, this is the sound of summer. Light upbeat music is the perfect way to get your night started and put you in a summer mood.

The Streets – Empty Cans

However, if you’re not feeling so well, there’s always can music to fit those emotions as well. The Streets’ Empty Cans is about coping with a loss put in brilliant lyrics.

Major Lazer – Aerosol Can ft. Pharrell Williams

Graffiti painting is one of the ground pillars of hip-hip culture. And since there’s no graffiti without aerosol cans, there’s no getting around Aerosol Cans by Major Lazer and Pharrell Williams. This song has everything: a fantastic beat, a catchy chorus and lots of can references. What more do you need?

Maximo Park – Graffiti

If you love graffiti cans but not hip-hop music, Maximo Park’s indie-rock approach to covering this topic might be just perfect for you. I love them both and since Maximo Park is one of my personal favourites, I just could not exclude them from this playlist.

Angie Stone – Bottles and Cans

This song is the perfect ending to my playlist. After the fun ride we had on this rollercoaster, it’s time to slow things down a bit, take off our shoes, open up a delicious can of cherries and enjoying them to a nice glass of wine to this beautiful Angie Stone song. Way to end your day!

There are probably many more songs about cans for the Canny Summer Playlist. Which ones do you think have to make that list? Tell us in the comments!

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