Have you ever bought a festival ticket and paid with a can? And have you ever done a good deed while visiting a festival? Well, you haven’t? Then you should definitely take a look at the Cans Film Festival! If you now have fancy associations in your mind about you strolling the promenades of Cannes … well, no. That’s not where we’re heading. Actually, the Cans Film Festival is a cooperation of the Australian Foodbank Victoria and the Sun Theater in Yarraville. Their mission is quite easy: feed the hungry with healthy food and raise awareness about food insecurity and food waste! Let me tell you a bit more about this project.

The Cans Film Festival

Three days. Three movies! From 26 to 28 October 2017, the Foodbank and Sun Theater featured a series of movies and documentaries revolving around life, our waste economy, the future of food and human compassion. To enter the cinema you just had to bring a food can as your entrance ticket. These, in turn, will be donated to the food bank and then find their way to the hungry and less privileged Victorians.

Just in case you would like to rewatch them, I did a little recap for you:

The Gateway Bug

The Gateway Bug_Movie

This documentary revolves around a very interesting topic, namely how to feed the world in the future. One idea is to consume insects, which hold a lot of protein. Did you know that actually 2 billion people in 80 percent of the world’s countries consume insects as part of their daily diet, and entomophagy has been practiced by those cultures for thousands of years? In our spheres, this is not as popular since we’ve only recently discovered the culinary and nutritional benefits of insects.


Hector McAdam is getting ready for his annual journey from Scotland to a warm refuge in London, where comrades, Christmas cheer and a turkey dinner await him. He knows that this will be his last journey so he goes different ways this time to reconnect with the past.

Theater of Life


Come and join us at the Refettorio Ambrosiano in Milan, a famous restaurant run by equally famous chef Massimo Bottura and other world-class chefs. The documentary tells the story of the Refettorio feeding homeless and refugees with tasteful dishes made from food waste of Expo Milano in 2015. A definite must-watch for all save food fans.



What is the Foodbank Victoria?

If you’ve never heard of a food bank and have no clue what this is: just let me explain that to you. The Foodbank Victoria is a non-profit organization with over 90 years of food relief experience and a network of over 900 community partners and is the state’s oldest and largest organization in Australia. Each month they distribute food to over 100.000 Victorians who are too poor to buy healthy food. Can you imagine, that more than a quarter of them are children? One in 7 children of Victoria goes to school with a rumbling stomach. The Foodbank Victoria has made it their mission to change that, but not only that. Often wrong and unhealthy food is a problem for low-income people. Less than optimal eating patterns contribute to overweight and obesity, which, in turn, are associated with increased risk for many diseases such as obesity and diabetes. The goal of this organization is to ensure that all Victorians have the best resources to make informed food choices.

We think this is a great cause and project and hope that many of these will follow. Do you know other ideas likes this, please share in the comments below!

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