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Dominique - Cans for LifeDominique

Dominique, a twentysomething struggling with life and corkscrews, needs to be prepared for everything – doesn’t matter if it’s a blizzard, a zombie apocalypse or unplanned visits. Therefore her stock of canned food is always well filled. The best canned thing ever? Evaporated milk! To discuss the new Castle season, comment below her articles or follow her Instagram account.

sophia Sophia

Having experienced all the great benefits of canned food and drinks during her time at university, Sophia is a fan not only of heavy metal music but also of metal packaging. She seeks to find all the most creative works surrounding cans – be it DIY projects, can designs or street art. You can follow Sophia on Twitter.


Being a pizza aficionado, Dennis knows all the perks to canned goods like San Marzano tomatoes. He also claims to be an expert on food and beer in cans since he has been camping once.



Romina is an absolute food-lover who always experiments with ingredients to create delicious recipes (you can read some of them on her blog). When she visited France, she ate canned truffles, which made her fall in love with French delicatessen right away. She also enjoys traveling to get inspired by different cultures and food styles. And everyone knows that cans make traveling easier. Romina knows it first-hand!

linda_empac Linda

Since her time in New Zealand, Linda is a passionate baker. Her speciality? Cheese-cream cake. Canned mandarines give it its special flavour. If you’re keen for the recipe or want to get in touch with Linda, comment on one of her blog posts or text her on Twitter.