When I was little I always wanted a dog. I mean, who did not? Probably only those, who already had one. For me it just seemed like the perfect buddy, even though I was lucky to have an older brother, I had this big dream. But he – like every older brother – was not always in the mood to hang out with his little sister. That’s the way it works with siblings, right? These relationships have its ups and downs. Well, looking back I absolutely understand how he felt back then. But I wanted a buddy, badly. A dog!

Taking way too much time

Of course my parents did fulfil my childhood dream. Only far too late! Unfortunately they were not of the opinion when I was five. I guess good decisions take time! You see, this was a reminder that begging and complaining is not (always) a good way to express your point of view.

Hello, Nero

So here I am. With company: Nero. A black, brown-eyed and absolutely adorable Labrador. Actually the best company I could have ever asked for. My parents had a vacation on Cuba for two weeks recently and of course I said „yes” to having this cute buddy for some time. In my mid-twenties I now feel like a little girl again, having Nero by my side.

Doglove & foodlove.

But what does he need? My parents trusted me to take care of Nero’s well-being, which means enough sleep, long walks, hourly playtime, lots of cuddles and delicious food. 4 out of 5 points are easy to handle. Numero 5 challenges me the most. I am a big foodie myself, so I want to take care of Nero’s nutrition. While I started cooking carrots and cutting fresh apples the first two days, I realised that I can’t continue that when I’m working (it takes way too much time). So I went to the supermarket and got a variety of wet food for him: duck, chicken and vegetables. Even though I try to reduce and avoid my consumption of meat, I know it’s normal for dogs (thanks to evolution). Furthermore canned pet food has some very convincing pros:

  • Easy to digest
  • A long shelf-life and very long lasting
  • Highly palatable
  • Easy to prepare
  • Higher water balance
  • No loss of important nutrients

As you can see there’s no need to feel bad about the higher meat consumption of Nero. It seems like I’ve chosen the right way for him. And me. Oh, he’s begging for his next food portion. Too bad that you can’t see him right now, staring at me with his puppy eyes. So I should better stop writing and start opening cans of dog food again. 😉


What’s your experience with canned dog food? Do you have any recommendations for me?     

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