Take a deep breath, close your eyes and imagine travelling in outer space. Where would you go if you owned a space ship? For me the answer is clear: Anywhere but the moon, because people have been there already and it’s gotten quite lame ever since. I want to encounter spheres, no one has ever encountered and see things, no one has ever seen. I guess I’d visit every planet in our solar system and I would start with Pluto because no one ever starts anything with it!

So what’s the first thing we do when preparing for our space trip? Pack some food of course! We have a long trip ahead of us and a lot of food to store. Sadly fresh food is not really an option at this point since it just won’t last long enough. So what do we do? As to many questions in life, canned food is the answer!


I love food in cans. It lasts a long time without going bad and in many cases it is just as good, if not better than fresh food.

Besides having great food for the entirety of the trip, cans can show you how gravity works differently on different planets. Now, I’m no astrophysicist but I can tell you that gravitation somehow depends on the planet’s mass and the distance from its’ core to its’ surface. So if you take soup in a can that weighs 400 grams on earth, as soon as you land on Pluto, its’ weight drastically shrinks to about 57g. There are planets in our solar system with a similar gravitation to the earth, such as Venus, Neptune, Saturn and Uranus. My exemplary can weighs between 361g and 454g on these planets. Mars and Mercury (which will become mine and my partner’s hypothetical tag team name, in case that I’ll ever start a professional wrestling career) are smaller planets, so my can weighs in at about 151g on each one of these two. Jupiter is probably every woman’s nightmare because as soon as you set foot on this giant, your weight immediately more than doubles. My 400g can becomes a 1kg monster and I’ll (about 90kg) transform into a 225kg beast. So that’s that!

So where would your cantastic journey lead you to? Jupiter, Mars or Pluto? Please leave a comment. 🙂

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