Trick or treat”… or what? I guess you already know where this quote belongs to, right? Unfortunately I was never a big Halloween fan, but when it comes to costumes and sweets it’s hard for me to resist. Honestly, when Halloween is not about sweets and costumes, where does it originally come from? Do you have any idea? If not, you’re lucky, because I am going to explain it to you right now.

Of course we all know this American event, but guess what: Halloween originates in Ireland! The Celtics were the first folk that started this tradition. It was a night where ghosts and lost souls were expelled out of town. People held torches and made enough noise to scare and horrify the ghosts. So it doesn’t surprise that we celebrate it in Europe. Within the last centuries, as its first appearance is dated in 1556, it has become something quite different: a costume party with sweets and tricks for children!

So now we know where it comes from, but I still don’t know what to wear tonight. But of course someone – my best friend Google, possible – helped me find something special to wear. And of course I’m going to share it with you!

To make you curious I show you the look straight away and don’t worry, it’s not that difficult to recreate. 

What Do You Need:

– A Can
– Sandpaper
– Kajal
– Vaseline
– A Brush
– A Sponge
– Fake Blood

What Do You Have To Do:

  1. The very first step is to cut the can. Remember: You’re going to need only 40 percent of the original size.
  2. After cutting, you have to sand the can’s edge carefully. Otherwise you could hurt yourself.
  3. Then you take the piece of can and hold it to your head. When you’re sure where you want to place it you circle it with a kajal.
  4. Put the can back again. Before that you should put vaseline on your skin – this protects it.
  5. Now you can finally start: Use the cosmetic wax and knead and roll it into a long and flat line. Lay the formed wax on the kajal form. It additionally protects your skin against the can’s edges.
  6. When you’re finished with the wax, you can stick the can onto it. Be careful while pressing it onto your forehead.
  7. Once you’re done with that you can already put some colour on it. Use the fake blood and use a lot! You shouldn’t save up anything.
  8. For the last part you should use the sponge to create a more realistic look!
  9. You’re done! 🙂

And now start your scary night and enjoy an eventful evening! But don’t forget: Watch out for your head! 😉

How does your Halloween outfit look like and what do you like most about Halloween?

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