Transitioning into a zero waste lifestyle can be tough. So after creating a zero waste lifestyle for beginners guide we now present a collection of inspiring influencers to keep you motivated to reach your zero waste goals!

Kathryn Kellog, Author of ”101 Ways to go Zero Waste”, has her own blog and an Instagram page full of nice greenery, nature and most importantly, motivation. Somehow, she even manages to make food waste appealing. We are intrigued!


“We do not inherit the earth from our ancestors – we borrow it from our children” is the motto of Instagram influencer Heidi Violet. If you are looking for Instagram-worthy ideas for packaging and repurposing, this is the right place for you. Heidi presents the zero waste lifestyle with a homey and cozy vibe.


Stevie from YAYFOREARTH is a climate and self-love activist on a mission to validate all planet Earth gives us. She created her own face lotion and contributes to the ”Trading Waste for Abundance” blog. Her Instagram is full of fun and lovingly quirky content and – of course – updates on her zero waste life. #yayforearth


“Be an eco-warrior, not just an eco-worrier” is Anita Vandyke’s call to action. She promotes a mindful, eco-friendly way of life on her Instagram profile and “A Zero Waste Life” blog. Anita believes we can all live an “eco-luxe” life with just a few simple but consistent switches and wants to help you become an everyday activist to make our planet a better place.


Sophi is a mom on a mission. She is the right influencer for you if you are trying to go zero waste with children but also if you are not “in the parenting business”. Follow her for great ideas, especially on food waste and household items and advice on everyday (zero waste) life.


Author of “An (Almost) Zero Waste Life” Megean Weldon puts her focus on realistic zero waste tips. She calls herself a “Captain Planet Wannabe” and mixes up cozy vibes with nature, repurposed items and fascinatingly instagrammable food waste shots.

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