Hubble bubble, toil and trouble – it’s that time of the year again! Get your costumes ready and plan a fun night out, a horror movie night or whatever makes you feel all spooooooky… Unfortunately Halloween is the second-most wasteful holiday right after Christmas and if you are like us some people’s Halloween plans make you cringe a little. But don’t worry, you can love and celebrate All Hallows’ Eve and still stay eco-friendly. We have done our research and summed up those 5 tips for a sustainable Halloween party for you.

#1 Zombiewalk

Is it really Halloween if you don’t dress up? Let’s be honest: No, it is not. BUT! That doesn’t mean you have to go out and buy those packaged costumes from the stores. Just go on an expedition through your closet instead. Old clothes or pieces you have already sorted out might be just perfect for Halloween! Thrift stores can have helpful and inspiring finds as well. Kids have fun crafting costumes and since they grow out of their clothes every year buying a costume would be a waste anyway.

#2 Can’t wait to decorate

There is really no need to go all out on buying Halloween decorations either – even though the fully stacked shelves in the shops sure are tempting. But creating a spooky vibe in and around your home isn’t cheap and also comes with a huge price for the environment. All those colourful eye-catchers are made of non-recyclable materials and on top of that they are easily broken.
But going green doesn’t mean you cannot decorate at all. Most probably you have all you need already at home: ghosts and bats from empty cans or toilet paper rolls and of course real pumpkins make for the perfect Halloween decorations!

#3 Be a Pumpkin King – or Queen

On the topic of pumpkins we have another request for you: please buy locally grown pumpkins and use ALL OF IT. The seeds can be eaten – why throw them away? They are a healthy source of iron, vitamins and calcium and if you buy them separately they are also rather expensive – slightly salted and dryed in the sun they become a delicious treat and can even be served for your Halloween party as a snack or as trick or treat handouts. The insides can also contribute to your party menu as pumpkin soup, bread, pies, muffins and lots of other recipes.
After Halloween you simply compost the carved pumpkin decorations and off you go!

#4 Party Time

You’re already in costume, you’re done decorating your house and made some foods and snacks: now it’s party time! To offer all your delicious food and drinks, glass cups and ceramic plates are your way to go. And if you are worried they might break, you can always use melamine plates and cups – or these cool aluminium cups! Make sure to go for reusable cutlery and dishes and ditch the single-use stuff.

#5 Trick or Treat

Candy is a sensitive topic not only on Halloween but on Halloween especially since the candy is all wrapped individually thus piling up even more trash than usual. Children might not be super into getting pumpkin seeds as a treat or even homemade candy and pastries but at least opt for non-gmo, organic candy. Another alternative can be giving small gift instead of candy. And give the small ones some credit: They know about climate change and the environment and are often smarter about it than most adults, just tell them why you are not also handing out tiny chocolates or five gummi bears in a small small plastic baggy and they will most likely accept it.

Tell us how you celebrate the spooky holiday!

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