When the days get shorter and the leaves start coming down, the scariest of seasons and another Halloween party are just around the corner. Spooky pumpkins appear in front of houses to scare away uninvited visitors who creepily roam the streets looking for bloody treats. When it gets cold enough for you to see your breath become cloudy, then you know Halloween is almost there. Like myself, you’re probably invited to a Halloween-themed party where you’re playing board games, pass around a flashlight during ghost story session and drink soda cans. In case you’re not, why not host one yourself?

I proudly present to you 5 tips for your last minute Halloween party that I totally came up with by myself:

1: CANdy Corn

When looking for the ultimate candy for your party, there’s no way around the American classic among Halloween treats. For more than a century, families all over the US heavily rely on candy corn come Halloween. I believe it’s about time, this vintage sweet makes its way across the pond. The corn kernel-shaped candy is made by combining sugar, corn syrup, and confectioner’s wax. Probably not the healthiest option for you and your guests but nothing says Halloween like overdosing on sugar. Trick or treat yourself!

Candy Corn
Yummy Candy Corn for your Halloween Party! / Source: Shutterstock


2: Spooky Can Halloween Party Décor

Love Halloween but hate pumpkins? I got you covered! It’s the same story every year: Your Halloween party is expected to be the best one around so you want to out-do your neighbors’ Halloween decoration. But the bigger the pumpkin you buy, the more of it you’ll eventually have to eat. As I hate pumpkin, that’s not an option for me. So what I like to do is take empty cans that previously contained food (have a look at our DIY here) I actually like and paint them so they resemble the looks of a hollow pumpkin without me having to eat the pumpkin. Genius, if you ask me.

3: Trick or Treat Buckets

Trick-or-treating is maybe the key activity for every Halloween party and definitely for yours. But what to do if you and your mates want to go and you just can’t get hold of the right container for your sweets? Grab a couple of paint cans, empty them (you can use the paint to create spooky can décor as mentioned above) and use them to store all of the tasty treats you can find. If your friends don’t want to join you in your candy hunt, you can always take your kids instead. Have a look at this great tutorial I stumbled upon!

4: Haunted Can Knockdown for your Halloween Party

Your Halloween party has gone on for quite some time and you’re out of games to play? No problem, get creative, take your empty cans and make a super fun can knockdown, the ultimate party game, out of them. The spookier your cans look the better. You can also get creative when making up rules. Let’s say everyone has two balls to throw and whoever hits the least cans has to drink an entire glass of apple juice. Of course, you can substitute apple juice with orange juice, water or your favorite lemonade.

Check this out to learn how to make this super fun game.

5: Nanana nanananana nanana nanananana BATCANS

What tastes amazing and rhymes with my favourite super-hero (aka the only one I can endure sitting through a movie)? That’s right, bat can. With this clever party tip, you can not only add a spooky touch to your favourite soda can but you can also disguise it in case you bought the budget version and don’t want your party guests to find out. Or, if the law is prohibiting you from consuming certain drinks in open containers in public, you can always take your bat can with you if you’re going out to trick-or-treat. Cheers!

Batman & Cans: A great symbiosis /

How about you? Are you planning a Halloween Party, what are your best tips? Leave some in the comment section. 


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