Who doesn’t dream of visiting the Munich Oktoberfest for at least once in their life? It seems to me that it is the Mecca for every beer- and Dirndl-lover and is on everybody’s bucket list. I constantly ask myself if I am the only person who thinks like this or do you feel the same?

For those of you who are not Oktoberfest-addicts (like me), let me explain where it comes from. It is the world’s most famous funfair in Munich for more than 200 years. Oktoberfest is THE event in German tradition and a symbol of German culture. It combines food, fashion and Bavarian lifestyle in one occasion. Sounds not so bad, does it? Unfortunately the event is quite pricy. But don’t worry, as always there’s a solution for every problem. And in this case it’s even better than the original! 😉

So lean back and enjoy our five tips for an Oktoberfest party at home:

1. Festival-Tent-likely-decoration

You only need two words: blue and white. These colours dominate the Bavarian world as they are a part of the Bavarian coat of arms. Easy tricks help you to make your home feel like Oktoberfest: Just buy matching napkins or balloons and make yourself nice garlands. As icing on the cake you could get some fancy gingerbread hearts or even bake them yourself. They are not only pretty, you can also eat them as sweets after a plate of veal sausages. And in case you’re out of inspiration, have a look here.


2. Your fabulous look

Dress to impress – that’s what it is all about! It seems that there are already some kind of guidelines for the perfect Oktoberfest outfit. Guys have to wear Lederhosen and women come in nice traditional Dirndls. It’s absolute in to wear chequered patterns. Women often braid their hair and wear accessories, for example chains with pretzels or earrings with white and blue ornaments. This kind of clothing is traditional and maybe not everyone will feel comfortable wearing it, but make the best out of it and enjoy one night of disguise!


3. The right sounds

When the room is already set and the outfit fits perfectly, the next thing you need is the right soundtrack. To get into Oktoberfest mood you should probably start listening to some of the top songs at least one week ahead. When you finally figured out what Hulapalu really is and when you’re feeling like coming home, you’re well prepared to lilt the Bavarian sounds. 

4. Bavarian food

Bavarian cuisine is quite easy to prepare. Mostly it involves a lot of pretzels! (And by saying a lot, I really mean a looot). And for a little extra you could prepare small bowls with butter to put on the baked goods. (I recommend salted butter, it’s just the best). Then you should prepare some Bavarian veal sausages and mild mustard for dipping. Trust me, that is some easy work here. As you can already see, Bavarian people like it simple. Of course you can add eggs, sauerkraut or other spiced sausages, like Landjäger. Again, sometimes it helps to have a look at other recipes to get some inspiration.


5. Cooled thirst quenchers

Last but not least always keep in mind that no good story started with a salad. So that’s why you’re going to need the right amount of drinks. Typical for Oktoberfest (well, almost every day of the year in Germany) beer is the number one refreshment. To reduce the amount of bottles, it is easier to buy – depending on the number of guests – party kegs. The integrated tap creates the draft beer feeling that is essential for Oktoberfest as draft beer is the #1 drink there. Furthermore they work as decoration, as well. You only have to make sure that there are enough glasses and everyone can tap their own drink. Your only job is to keep an eye on how much liquid is left in the kegs.

Wooden table. Spring design with pine forest and empty display. Space for your montage

What do you think? It’s not that difficult to get you into Oktoberfest mood at home, don’t you think? So why the waiting, get your stuff together and enjoy the Bavarian atmosphere at home!

Or have you already made your own Oktoberfest event at home? Or did you ever make a costume party at home? What was the motto?

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