As we all know by now, canned food is great for many reasons. It is fresh, it tastes good and you can prepare so many tasty dishes with it. So why not serve cans in a restaurant? Sounds like a super innovative idea? What if I told you that restaurants like these already exist and you can visit one on your next holiday in Europe! In countries like Spain or Portugal canned food is very popular and often used in tapas bars. Both nations claim to have the best canned food in the world, and indeed their products are delicious. So, no wonder that you can find can restaurants there, which are not only good but also pretty famous. The trend has spread and now there are numerous restaurants serving canned food. To give you a little inspiration I got gathered my Top 5 for you:

Quimet & Quimet, a Conservas Paradise

The Quimet in Barcelona looks like a typical little tapas bar. Charming, a little old-fashioned, and really tiny. And of course, you can get very good wines and delicious tapas. It first opened in 1914 as a wine shop and to help sell their products, they offered since then, a dish of traditional preserved food. Over the years the wine barrels were taken out more and more and were replaced by chosen bottled wines, spirits, and preserved food like anchovies, smoked sardines, and sun-dried tomatoes. Today, the Quimet is famous for its conservas lined at the high walls top-to-bottom. You can choose from nearly 80 different tapas with an excellent quality and typical Catalonian charm.

A Cantastic Evening at Sol e Pesca

Portugal is famous for its beautiful and colourful tin cans you often see in bars as decoration. But in an old fishing shop in Lisbon, you can not only see all these nice cans, you can also eat from them. The Sol e Pesca, still looking like the fishing shop it was, with rods and hooks at the wall, is now a little bar, which offers a variety of fish cans with bread and wine. Sol e Pesca, which means Sun and Fishing, is located in an area formerly known for its many fishing shops. Today, it is a trending place where you can find bars and clubs. The Menu offers many local and typical Portuguese sorts of fish, all canned of course.

Tinned Tuna at Tincan

The Tincan London

In the heart of London’s Soho is a restaurant which has no kitchen and no chef. Regardless it claims to serve “the best tinned seafood in the world” and that is exactly what they do at the Tincan’s. You can see the cans already from the outside. The big windows of the restaurant display beautiful cans from all over the world; many of them you would recognize from holidays, perhaps you even bought one as a souvenir. The famous turquoise Minerva Gourmet mackerel fillets in olive oil or the golden puck-like tin of Los Peperetes scallops are only two of hundreds of cans, decorating the front and walls. And you can try and eat most of them, as the menu offers over 25 tinned fishes with accompaniments like bread, salad, and oils.

Can The Can in Portugal

Can the Can Lisboa

The Can The Can is located in the heart of Lisbon, near the Terreiro do Paço. In this stylish restaurant, the concept is “canned food goes gourmet”. As Portugal is one of the biggest canned fish exporters in Europe, it was in some ways just a matter of time until someone came up with such an idea. The menu is very rich and offers delicious combinations of canned fish and fresh local products like salads, sandwiches, and tibornas with a wide range of Portuguese wines. One of the highlights, besides the food, is the large chandelier made of cans.

From Spain to New York, Canned Food at The Donostia

Donostia Restaurant

When in New York, you have to visit the Eat Village and go to the Donostia. It is a little tapas bar in the tradition of the many Basque styled restaurants opened during and after the Spanish Civil War in the late 1930’s. In this time a lot of Spanish refugees came to Greenwich Village and many of them stayed there. The Donostia is some kind of descendant of this time, combining classical Basque design and food with modern New York lifestyle. The menu offers traditional tapas based on canned food like Galician clams in brine, dark Spanish salt-cured anchovies, and whole baby squid in ink. This location is perfect for a delicious canned snack and to explore delicious Spanish beverages.

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